Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Evil Home

Once upon a time there was a ghost it lived in a spooky house. There was some bats flying away. It was spooky inside and it was haunted. It was up the hill. After the vampire was going. To be a big zombie. It was the biggest in the world. It was at the spooky house. After the big big zombie a big vampire came. The zombie and the vampire was having a challenge. The vampire won.


  1. Hey Atawhai. I like your picture. I thing that everoen in my class likes it to miss wilde ☺😊☺😊

  2. That's a cool picture and a interesting story Atawhai.

  3. What a spooky story, it would scare me to see bats flying out of the house.
    Thanks for sharing your story Atawhai.
    Mrs Garden

  4. I like your imagination Atawhai it goes with the picture you chose. Ka pai! I cant wait to read your next story.

  5. Interesting writing Atawhai. I like your imagination.
    I got goose bumps just reading it cant wait for your next story
    from Angelo