Wednesday, 21 June 2017

rabbits in the town

today we wrote a story independently.

a long time ago there was a town everyone in the town was happy. It was nice and calm. And all the people in the town was happy  but there was only two that were unhappy it was two rabbits they will always come to the happy town.  suddenly  they came the  two   giant rabbits came to the   town
there names were joe and david . they came out of the forest seeking for food  and then  they were stepping  on  their  houses  and cars.they were eating  on the houses into little pieces  then two  heros came to save the town there  name was  jack  and  blade  took away  joe and david with their superpowers and then   the people  said well done to the heros and then they had to rebuild it and they lived happily ever after so where the two rabbits.

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