Thursday, 27 July 2017


One day there was a  alien his name was Jack.He was 6 and  he wished that he could be a when he was 22  he was  working on something? Amazing.After that his friend came over his name was John. He looked at the back of the yard  and all he  saw was a big Rocket ship.Then all jack  needed was a suit so he made two suit with melt and then they both  waited unto it was dark and then they both counted down 3 2 1 .Then they went blasting of into space they were both happy.but then they ran into rocks one of the biggest rock came to  the ship and then the big rock smashed the booster out of the rocket later that time.The Rocket ship was slowly rolling around. but then Jack and John went to go and get the boosters. And they put it back on the Rocket and went flying  all the way to planet Marshmallow.And they saw other plates like plant cheese ball,plant pizza and he saw the whole galaxy and stars and he was the first one on planet he placed the flag down and he was happy.

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