Friday, 8 September 2017


Dear  Helena,

Thank you for your letter.I really love art and I've done lots of art.I have a school library and  I love reading books. I have a beanie boo and my one Is a tiger with blue hair. My  Beanie boo has  a mane around Its neck  and they are so fluffy. My birthday Is on July and I love birthday cakes.I haven't   been ice skating  but Ice skating Is very fun.  I have been watching the NED show  and the Ned show has 3 cool stuff in his name. N never give up E encourage others  D do your best and we got to buy a yoyo and they were fun to play with.Have you been to the stardome because we went there and we went on the bus.On the bus  we were singing playing games and then when we arrived  to the the stardome it is very fun because there is a big flying fox it is the best thing ever. Then we did a Quiz and our team was Mars and I had the best time ever.I have a couple of  question for you,  have you watch the ned show? do you like swimming? What's your favourite bird? Do you like hubba bubba bubble gum? When is your birth date and what is your favorite colour?

Thank you for replying and i look forward to hearing from you soon.  

From Atawhai

the sun.jpg

the moon.jpg

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