Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Sylvia Park

In the movie I saw Angelica and Kiarah sitting on the couch introducing the story and there was fairies were waving and they bowed down holding their dresses, then popped back up. There were 3 mermaids they were all sitting on a big rock and splashing their fins on the water, also they were whispering to each other. The fairies were playing hand games while peter pan was behind them.Then there was pirates they went into a straight line then they put there hands up on the head and there body was up high like a Soldier it was cool. The 3 lost boys were playing hand games with Peter Pan. peter pan put his sword on his back and smiled at us.They Started hopping over each other even playing sword games in their Secret tunnel.  then the 3 mermaids was waving goodbye to Peter Pan.I like the way they add peter pan and heaps of other stuff were in the movie.I felt amazed when i watched the movie and it was awesome and i loved the Intro.

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