Thursday, 26 October 2017


In the morning when the second bell rang room 14 was playing  recorders but we didn’t play
it now.Our teacher was playing a song and it was not bad. So our teacher told us to get in a
Profeta so we did and she told us how to play so we all listen.When we listen we finally got a
recorder and our Teacher gave us one

So when she did we had to put it on our lap we were learning  2 notes it was  C  an D so we got our  middle finger on the second hole on the recorder  and putted our thump on the hole at the back.Then we started blowing 2 times and resting for two times and it sounded like a squeaky mouse.

We had more time so my teacher said we have to get a friend to practice we picked 3 buddy’s To Practice with and we only had  5 minutes so I asked my teacher if we could go outside and she said” yes  so  we practice.Then 5 minutes was over  and it was fun I felt so happy that I was running around the classroom it was so fun.I liked that day.  


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