Thursday, 19 October 2017

swimming pools

On Wednesday I went to the swimming pools with my Sister, my Brother, Keyana and my cousin. We all got dress into our togs and put clothes on top of our togs. After that we all  hopped into the car and we drove off to the pools. I was so excited. When we got there we were so happy. Then we paid for it, when we paid we got dress in the dressing room. Then we were walking to the kid  pools we went in and it was so  much fun.

Keyana was teaching my sister to swim because she didn’t know how to swim. So I joined in with my brothers was carrying each other on their backs and my Mum she was reading her magazines. So we kept on swimming and swimming for half an hour. Then we had to get out so we did. Then we went to get us pizza it was so yummy. Finally we went back  home and had pizza that was the best day.

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