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Samoan Art

 Samoan Art - Questions

Today were are learning about "Samoan Art" 

1) Today we are learning about art from:

a) Samoan b) Tongan

c) Fijian d) Niuean

2) What is the name of the big upside down triangle that represents extended family on a tatau?

a) Pula tama b) Pula tele

c) Va’a d) Asofa’aifo

3) How many traditional patterns can be found on siapo?

a) 20 b) 12

c) 13 c) 5

i) What is fa’a sigago?

→ A flower from the Pandanus Plant 

4) Which animal/insect is not represented in one of the traditional patterns found on siapo?

a) Crab b) Fish

c) Spider d) All of these

5) What is a difference between Siapo ‘Elei and Siapo mamanu? 

→ Siapo Elei is carved into a wooden plate and then transferred onto the Siapo.

Siapo mamanu is can be painted onto the Siapo.

6) What 2 names can be given to the lines that come out from the va’a on a tatau?

Asofa’aifo and ivi’aso’aso.

Monday, 19 October 2020

Niuean History- Questions

 Niuean History- Questions

Here is questions that have been answered 

1) This week it is _____ language week.

a) Samoan b) TonganPacific migration routes

c) Fijian d) Niuean

2) What is Niue often referred to as?

a) The sun spot of Polynesia b) The Rock of Polynesia

c) The tiny island nation d) The heart of the Pacific

3) Who was the first European settler to sight Niue?

a) Captain James Cook b) Captain Jack Sparrow

c) Captain James Busby c) Captain Hook

i) When did he sight Niue?

→ 1744

4) What is the name of the Niuean bark cloth?

a) Hiapo b) Tapa Cloth

c) Print d) Patterns

5) Describe what a motif is:

→ A Recurring pattern.

6) Niueans were the first to introduce what to their hiapo?

a) Animals b) Names

c) People d) Flowers

7) How many attempts did Captain Cook make to land in Niue? 

a) Three b) Two

c) None d) One

i) Why do you think the people of Niue refused to let him set foot on shore?

→ They refuse to let Captain Cook on there island because they were over thinking that Captain Cook might take over there island. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2020


This is a small recount of happen in the Holidays!

 It was on a really hot day, When we went for a walk. But relaxing too. We also almost got lost from my direction but we managed to get there.

It was a nice calm one. But we each had to take turns on a bike which was really fun since there were lots of down hills. There were no adults there to look after us but it was close from home and we had our 13 yr brother which was good enough i guess. 

When we reached the park we all were excited and keen to play on the Playground, There was no one there except for a lady and her little son. There were so many things to do like Seesaw, slides, Rope climbing and more but the thing that caught my attention was a tall green pole that was really fat, it had smaller poles sticking out of it and also tires attached to it so we can sit on it. We had to push it to move which was kinda difficult to do but i had company with me so we basically took turns pushing it which was very fun.

We stayed on there for a very long time until we got bored. We all decided to do a challenge which was swing jumping, Well that's what we call it. If you still don't know what i mean well here's an explanation. It's when you swing so high in the air and land the farest but i unfounturly lost and came last which was not very fun. But I managed.   

But in the end we all had fun playing on the playground and running around. We got home and got all the bark out of our shoes and hair, Then had a shower and relaxed the rest of the day!

Maori art


Today i was learning " The different forms of Maori art "