Friday, 10 July 2020

Anoter day at home

Today, We stayed home like every other day. For Breakfast we had Nutri grain. We watched Two of movies called The Bind side and Race the story about Big Michle Oher & Jesse Owen.We then sleeped the rest of the day until 7:00. For dinner we had Nacho Cheese Which was made from my sister. We also tried Spicy sour patch kids which wast hot but then It starts to sting your throat!


Yesterday, my Mum,Sister,Brother and I Went for a walk down to Pak n save and GI. We went to
 Pak n save first to get Dinner and Dessert, we then went to GI (Glen innes) to get us a feed!,We all spotted our other sister with her friends.I had a Mince and cheese pie Which was yum. We then walked home and tried these Sour cream and Spicy mix Doritos I just went for the Sour cream.When we got home we rested for a long time!. It then was dinner what we had for dinner was Steak and Creamy Mushrooms. For Dessert we had Coconut sago with furit salad!

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Spring clean In winter!

Today my Mom, Sister and I Spring cleaned our kitchen in Winter. So it's basically A Winter Clean.  I asked my Mum why they call it a Spring Clean and she said 'Spring cleaning means you clean with a spring in your step "   OK?  but its a bit hard to bounce and wipe !!!   We all had a good giggle and obviously knew its when you clean in Spring.  A few hours later we finished polishing the whole Kitchen with only 2-3 Breaks. After we finished we all had a nice cuppa tea and chilled. My Mum then walked too G.I too buy our dinner! We all thought "Yumm Pizza" but mum surprised us with potatoes and pieces of pork and an hour later Chop Suey, Potatoe Salad and rice.  Way better than pizza. My Mum's Amazing! 

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Recap #2

Today we all hangout as a family, We had so much fun! We had Stuffing stuffed in a sausage,Puha,Fried rice with spring onions and Baked beans. After we watch some scary movies all together. My Mum & Dad then decide to go to Pak n save to garb Dinner & Dessert, What we had for Dinner was Spaghetti bolognese Which was made from my Sister and what we had for Dessert was A Pavlova cake and a Delicious Ambrosia. We all then cleaned up and got ready for bed.

(Also We Practice our Church songs every night!) Have a good day!

Monday, 6 July 2020

Fun day!

Today we stayed at home!We had lots of fun at home too.
For Example, breakfast was delicious we had Mussels and Onions,
Rice and pumpkin,Egg and freshly picked spring onions from our garden.
And also the rest of the oysters in our bucket .

In the evening 

We watched two movies called “The Meg'' and The
“Freedom Writers”. Meg was pretty fun and sad but I enjoyed watching
it with my family.

Freedom writers was interesting but a little convincing for me to
help black people but I want to help All People. We then just chilled
and had a rest. My Mum felt like something sweet so she made a
Madeira lemon cake which was delicious.

A few hours later My father decided to practice a couple Church songs
and we then ended all together!. At 7:00 we had a delicious kai made
from my Mum. It was rice , Stuffing , Cooked banana , Pumpkin , Puha ,
Chicken and ham. This is my favorite day of the holidays.
I can't wait to go back to school!

Whats your Favorite food?

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Recap of today

Recap of Today
Today we had Whakamoemiti, (Church) There were Sixty-five people who
intended. Some of them were from a Koea, Nga Reo, Adults and Tamariki.
We sang two songs in the blue book(34, Rangona nga ra )(70, Ma te marie).
Me and my brother Tumanako then closed together.
We then had a lovely kai made from our adults, We had Chips,Cookies,Hotdogs,
drinks,salad,beer nuts and some delicious fat oysters picked from our uncle.
Some left and some stayed to chat with other whanau .

After my whole family got home we had a couple lollies and a thankful message
from our dad for attending Whakamoemiti. At the end we all settled down and had
a rest.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Great white sharks!!!

Here is some descriptions of The great white shark and other sharks!

Did you know that Females are bigger then Male sharks!!